Thursday, March 31, 2016

Changing Line Colour (Imitating AutoCad)

Our office Cad layer system uses certain color to define certain layer. For example, red for wall line, blue for accessories for line weight. Here are some simple ways to make line in Revit look AutoCad.

1. First, go to Visibility Graphic (shortcut key VV) > Model Categories , click on Object Style

2. Here you may change the Line Colour & Line Weight according to your preferences.

3.  Yup, Now you have a Edges Line Colour you wish for !

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Creating Visibility for void

Yesterday I was attempting to create a yes/no parameter for visual panel of the fire rated door, However, Revit doesn't have a visibility for void extrusion, there are a few methods I discovered in the internet, one of them can be found at Revit Nightmares Blog

which is simple to use the following formula
IF (<condition>, <result-if-true>, <result-if-false>)

I have posted the query on forum to find out more about the "Inconsistent Unit" Dialog, Apparently there are other methods to make it simpler, I will post more on my findings.


Using 1, and 0 with 1=1, and 1=2 (assuming 1 to equal true/on and 0 to equal false/off)

Will follow up again, once i figure out more about it.

To Show Datum Level on Axonometric

I was preparing an axonometric drawing which was to be shown to our client regarding the phasing of the building and the levels of the particular floors, which I used to do it in Sketchup (Fig 1)

(Fig 2 - the result i wish to create)

(Fig 1- SU Model)

However the 3d gridline in Revit 2016 does not allow me to create datum level (Fig 2) in Project , So I ended up using 3d Model Text to indicate the level, Alternatively, I could move it to Massing Environment, where the datum level can be shown.

Hopefully, the upcoming version of Revit would allow us the option to show datum level on axonometric in project environment.